We specialize in various towels and terry cloth fabric, super quality, super service. We are expert in this line of business, and are willing to be employed by you.

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Here are the towel looms, called rapier looms, higher speed, but need  good strength of yarns, that suggest the good quality


Towel is a beautiful comodity that soft and absorbent can wipe water, sweat and dirty off your hand, body and face.

There are many kinds towels, for bath, there is bath towel, bath rug and washcloth. As for hand towels, what is it for, wipe hand? Looks like guest towel, right?

For beach, there are beach towels, printed or jacquard.

And there is golf towels, velour or not with all kinds of grommets and clips. Are you a golfer? You will need a dozen of it. To wipe hand  you can use cotton golf towel, to wipe dirty off your dear golf club use microfiber golf towels.

Here comes the fitness towels and gym towels, usually with a nice zipped pocket for the workout, can wipe off sweat and cover the beach.